With thanksgiving around the corner I thought I would offer a few words about nutrition.

It’s never easy staying on track at times like this.  We all have difficult days and this will be one of them.  With all the treats that will be displayed around the turkey you are sure to be tempted.

Let’s get started.

I would suggest if you are cooking the meal or helping out you make sure you don’t prepare the food on an empty stomach.  Make sure you get a full, healthy meal before you start.  This will prevent you from snacking on the foods that look the best.

This would also be a good idea if you are going to a family members house.  Don’t wait to eat thinking you will get enough food when you arrive or throughout the day.  Most times we gather in the late morning or early afternoon.  This will give you more than enough time to get a couple meals in before you leave.  Eating before you arrive will also prevent you from snacking on unhealthy finger foods before the actual meal.  Chips and dip for example.

The next step would be the actual meal.  There is going to be lots of carbohydrates at this time so I have a plan.  As hard as this may be, make sure your first plate is filled with turkey (protein) and vegetables.  After you eat a full serving of these foods go back and get some carbs.  This way you will already have food in your stomach and should be somewhat full.  I would suggest you stick to the dark carbs these will most likely be slow or complex carbs which is what we try to eat regularly.
Sample a few of the other foods but stick to the healthy ones.  We can have a good time and try other foods without completely falling off.
If you are going to have dessert eat it right away (if you have a choice).  Don’t wait for hours or until you have an empty stomach again.  This will prevent over eating dessert.

Lastly make sure you have a good time and don’t waste a thought about feeling guilty about having a little extra of anything.  Be thankful for the food you have and the families you get to spend this holiday with.  It doesn’t come around very often so enjoy yourself.  Use the tips that could help that you’ve just read and forget the rest.  You deserve to have a good time, above all else, make sure you do.

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