The Cost of Shipping

On my way to the mail box to drop off a letter, I’m slowly approaching and was startled by a loud BANG! I look over to my right and there is a delivery truck loading boxes. I said to myself, surely that can’t be coming from inside.

I walk over to the back, and sure enough, it was from the truck. Only a few moments later I see the driver literally throwing boxes from the concrete parking lot into the back of his truck.

I stood there in misbelief. I’m not sure if I looked lost, shocked or both. I mean, I’ve heard they don’t always ‘handle packages with care’, but this was a bit much. No concern for who was watching, no regard for the packages. Literally tossing them from the ground to the back of his truck.

I stood and watched some more, I thought about saying something and decided to wait instead. The driver finally saw me looking in disbelief, half smiled, offered a friendly nod and carried on with his day.

This might not be of interest to most people, those that don’t ship on a regular basis may not know where I’m coming from but hopefully you’ll see this situation from a different angle when you’re done reading.

We produce our own product, we’ve worked endless hours to bring it to market, it’s a product we love, that we stand behind and that we want to share with the world to help others improve their health.

It’s incredibly difficult to create a product and make a profit. I think most people think it’s easy, or they think, ‘they created it, they probably get it for cheap’. The truth is, when you design a product it takes quite some time and effort and it takes thousands of dollars investing in something you believe in. Unless you find an investor but I don’t like owing anyone anything at all let alone money. So we chose to do it on our own.

We decided to go with glass bottles given our concern for the environment, and to be perfectly honest, we lose money in inventory every time we ship. Just this last order 7 bottles were broken, no doubt by someone like this delivery person who could care less.

In a non judgement mind frame it’s hard to blame him, he’s never developed his own product, he has no idea the time and effort it takes and he’s never taken the money he’s made himself, invested it, hoping to make something awesome in return that will improve the health of those around. I can say that with 100% certainty.

But really, having that much inconsideration for people paying you to ship boxes was a bit much. It made me a bit angry but more frustrated than anything.

If I can be 100% translucent here, even though we’ve sold over 300 bottles of Tri-Mag, we haven’t taken a dime, not a penny. Everything we’ve made has been invested back into more supplies, more bottles and more shipping fees to get our product shipped around North America.

And for it to be so carelessly tossed around, by someone who has no regard is a tough pill to swallow. There’s not exactly much we can do about it. But I’m hoping maybe one person that’s delivering will read this and take more care of the package that’s in their possession. Maybe that one shipping company will come across this and ask their employees to care just a bit more. *UPS

But who knows, maybe I’m dreaming….

*Disclaimer: in a situation like this, it isn’t my goal or objective to put down a person, company, or industry. I have 2 amazing people in my life both whom I’d call friends that work for a delivery service.

My goal here is to raise awareness, and hopefully make a change.