The End of Book Stores?

I run into many different types of people during my adventures with whatever project I’m up to, in this case in particular more directly those that start a detox or a cleanse.
First of all it’s important to note that when perusing the contents of Detoxify Yourself it could look slightly daunting when you get to the meal section and you see 6 meals in a day.  Yes we’ve all heard this before; many people know what to do others have just heard you’re supposed to eat small meals throughout the day.
I’d like to make it clear there is a process on how to go about eating small meals throughout the day.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend starting out with a goal of 6 meals a day when at the moment you have two.  That’s a pretty big leap.  Throughout Detoxify Yourself I talk about widening your scope of success, we want to do everything we can to increase our success rate.
Steps to your success
#1. The first thing that needs to be done before starting any detox meal plan is read the contents.  I know most people want to jump in with two feet and get started right away(I’m certainly that way); however, there is usually instruction or directions that actually help you be more successful with their process if you read it.#2. Remember gradual is sustainable, so the next thing we are going to do is add one more meal to our usual day.  If you usually only have 2 meals a day being a big breakfast and a big dinner add lunch in there somewhere.  If you only eat lunch and dinner find a way to get some nutrients in your body earlier in the day.  It doesn’t matter when you’re eating at this point or how many meals a day you’re having, try one more meal a day to give your body a chance to adjust to more food.  Remember everyone is different, if you’re already have three meals a day, add a fourth.  This could be a time to refer to the book or directions and see what consists as another meal.  You’ll find suggestions in Detoxify Yourself as to what a snack meal is (which is smaller than you’re usual lunch of dinner meal).

You’ll want to try adding an extra meal for a week or two until it becomes normal, you shouldn’t feel like you’re stuffing your face or you’re full all the time by adding one meal.  Once you delegate the time for an extra meal, for planning, eating and purchasing more food then you can move forward.  This has become normal to you and you’ll likely already start to feel more energy.  It’s fantastic to receive that ROI (return on investment) almost immediately but you aren’t done yet.  After an extra meal is your normal it’s time to add another meal.  What we’re doing here is going through a process, I’m showing you how to gradually build up to that 6 meals a day instead of trying everything at once.  Once again, gradual is sustainable and if you want to get through 30 day, which is one month or 4 weeks you could use every advantage you can give yourself.

#3. The next thing that should be done if you’re trying something similar to a 30 day detox is try to prepare some of the meals before you jump into the 30 days.  There’s all kinds of factors to consider when trying different meal plans:

·         Where you’ll get the food

·         How long it will last

·         How to prepare it

·         Consider a few tweaks so you’ll enjoy it

So try a few meals, help yourself understand what it takes to get through the time period recommended to you give yourself the best chance at following through with your detox meal plan.

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