Here’s an example of what I talk about when we mention our organic pure C8 MCT oil.
This one I found at a Health Food store. As you can see on the back this is a combo of C8 and C10.

C8 has all the benefits that you’re looking for. Companies often ‘water down’ MCT oil because of the cost of the C8 with other chains.

You’ll often see C10 and C12 combo which is an even lower quality product (think of the brand they sell at Costco – which is why it’s so cheap).

We sell our pure C8 for 27.99 and 2 for 49.99. As you can see here, not only is this a lower quality product than what we have, but it costs more as well.

Something to think about the next time you’re looking for an MCT oil. They all aren’t created equally.


This is another low quality MCT Oil that I found at a Health Food store that I’m hoping will raise awareness for what you should be looking for when buying supplements.

This MCT oil is mixed with palm oil, which isn’t a product we recommend. In fact when buying MCT oil it should ONLY be derived from coconuts.

There’s a couple troubling aspects here. First is that palm oil is listed in the ingredients. Secondly it doesn’t say, how much palm oil and how much coconut oil each has in the bottle. And finally it doesn’t even say what Chain of MCT oil this is.

Remember ours is Pure C8 which offers the most health benefits. The lower quality MCT oils often contain a mix of C10 and C12. Both more cheaply sourced because they don’t offer the same health benefits of C8. And they are preying on people’s lack of education hoping that as long as the customer sees ‘MCT oil’ on the label, they’ll believe all are created equally. Which of course isn’t the case.

Not all supplements are created equally, and certainly not all products especially when it comes to quality oil is created equally.

Do your homework, read the ingredients and make sure you know exactly what it is that you’re buying.

True Form’s Pure C8 MCT Oil

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