To those that offer time and expect nothing in return

We’ve had some amazing people come into our lives that volunteer their time to help out. And honestly I don’t know where we’d be without them. As it is it’s been a challenge to keep up with orders, I understand when customers order they want their orders immediately. So as we navigate through foreign waters we continue to do our best and are committed to do better each and every day.

But to those that have joined us, who have offered a helping hand, who have offered their time which is more valuable that anything, and expect nothing in return. My gosh, I don’t even have words.

To those that offer time and expect nothing in return

We’re so grateful for the people that come into our lives, that shine light, that believe in us, that give us hope and inspiration. We often say people give us far more than we give them, and this holds more true than ever.

And don’t get me wrong we enjoy giving back to the community and being able to pay an honest wage in exchange for time is something I’m proud of and something we’ve worked towards and wanted to be able to do for years now.

But those that cross our path, and simply want to help, I’m not sure I have words for. The truth is, we’re stronger together, we’re better together. That human connection that we’ve missed dearly over this past year can never be taken back, and it can never be replaced.

A warm hug, a firm handshake, if nothing else a smile of love and compassion….we could certainly use more of that in this world.