Tomatoes and Basil on toast is a quick and easy breakfast idea. It is actually so delicious that it can be enjoyed at any meal. With just a few easy steps the Tomatoes and Basil on Toast recipe is created. All you need to do is chop, saute, toast and spread. That’s it!!

The most difficult part when making the Tomatoes and Basil on Toast is finding a good quality bread. We recommend choosing a sprouted whole grain bread for easier digestion and utilization of nutrients. One brand that seems to be found quite easily in the grocery store is Silver Hills Squirrelly bread. Another option is finding a local bakery that sells homemade bread with few ingredients.

Ripe tomatoes and avocado will make a big difference to the overall taste of the Tomatoes and Basil on Toast recipe. Be sure to take your time choosing so you get the optimal flavour out of you veggies.

The Tomatoes and Basil on Toast is a great recipe when you are in a pinch for time. Breakfast can be a difficult time of day but with only a minutes to prepare this recipe is perfect!

Tomatoes and Basil on Toast


(Serves 2)

4 slices of bread (Silver Hills Squirrelly bread is a good option)
1/2 avocado
2 med sized tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 small bunch basil (or dill)
1 tsp coconut oil

Steps to follow…

Saute crushed or chopped garlic in coconut oil. Add sliced or diced tomatoes. Cook down for approx. 10 minutes on low heat. Add dill, salt and pepper.

Toast bread, add slices of avocado, top with sautéed tomatoes.

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