Toxic Free Cleaner for the Home

Today was the perfect time to catch up on cleaning.

With my trusty Thieves Household Cleaner by my side we got a lot accomplished!! Couldn’t do it without my Thieves.

I use that stuff on everything!!

Seriously!!! It cleans EVERYTHING…

The list goes on. I love that one product does it all. You only need one!!

Conventional cleaners are jam packed with toxic ingredients that irritate our eyes and throat, cause headaches, cause damage to our respiratory system and more.

Thieves Household Cleaner has been proven to clean better than conventional cleaning products with no nasty or harmful side affects to our health.

Thieves kills the bad bacteria and leaves the good stuff behind. The stuff our bodies needs.

Oh and in case you are wondering. YES!! It’s true. I clean the house in my PJs haha

AND…I just realized this photo was taken pre scrubbing. Please don’t judge. Trust that Thieves leaves your toilet sparkling because it does!!!

What kind of household cleaner do you use? Leave your answer in the comments below!