Transform Your Body and Energy Levels

It’s week #3 measurement day and we’re excited to share with you that Dorothy is down 10lbs and 6.5 inches since she started our New MAP Program (Metabolism Accelerator Program) – Staggering results any way you spin it.

Here’s the thing, we have a proven system that works, if you follow it. That’s #1.

Moving forward, this program isn’t for everyone. If you’re a powerlifter and want to talk about PR’s this isn’t for you. Our program is intentional in every regard. We work specifically with busy moms looking to burn body fat and increase energy without spending hours in the gym. We have a specific skill set for a specific demographic.

Our conversations are based around how to create healthy meals in a short amount of time; we talk about hormones and menopause, and getting in efficient workouts.

Finally to get optimal results we match up workouts with a customized meal plan. Many people say, ‘I just need fitness help’ OR “I’m good with fitness I just need nutrition’. That’s not how this works, to get Optimal Results we have a specific step by step process different than grabbing a workout from youtube or a random meal plan found online.

We’re looking for full body transformations! That’s a different mind set than, we’ll take anyone interested. Which is why we have conversations with each individual to see if they are 100% ready for change and to see if our program is a good fit for them.

Those that aren’t interested in having a conversation or answering a few questions so we can get crystal clear on our intention, then this likely isn’t the best option for you.

Given how closely we work with individuals and avoid cookie cutter programs, there’s only so many hours in the day, which means there’s only so many clients we can take.

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