True Form's Mag Bucha

This is our very first kombucha. But it’s not just kombucha. It’s a Mag Bucha. So what we’ve done is we’ve put our magnesium in the kombucha. How cool is that? Now, I have looked around a little bit and I haven’t seen any other companies do this, at least not yet. It’s certainly not common and I feel like being first to market is super important. 

So having a new product Kombucha is kind of going crazy right now. There’s tons of companies popping up, but I don’t know any companies that are putting magnesium in kombucha. The idea we got from it is because we’re making our homemade kombucha and then we are putting our magnesium in there, in different forms and different times of the day. So I ran into Sunshine Blends in Innisfail and we had a conversation. I was like, Hey guys, I want you, I want you guys to make us our own specific kombucha. So what we have here is turmeric and ginger. 

True Form's Mag Bucha

We talked about Kombucha often, which is fantastic for digestion. Any time you improve your digestion, you increase your energy. A lot of people aren’t fans of the taste of our Liquid Mag. Some people don’t like to pour it. They don’t like to mix it. This one here is a single serving of magnesium. So you would drink this whole bottle just like you drink a bottle of kombucha. So we use very simple ingredients that you guys know. We talked, we taught you guys how to make kombucha before. I probably have to explain a bit more in depth. 

But this is a natural product. It’s a live living culture. It’s created locally and it is fantastic for digestion. And you get your daily dose of magnesium in here as well, which is a fantastic turmeric ginger, really good for joint inflammation, immune system… And then we put our food grade magnesium chloride in here as well for a slightly different benefit. We’re also going to tell you, of course, we went with the glass bottles.

True Form's Mag Bucha

These are good for seven months and they do need to be refrigerated. So you would take this like you wouldn’t have your mag in the morning. This would be your magnesium in the morning. So you take this bottle, that’s one serving if you want to do that. So this would replace your magnesium. Our goal is for those people that want to take their liquid magnesium, they want to stay on track, but they forget to pour it or they don’t like the flavor or they want it in kombucha or don’t want to purchase kombucha. It’s all together. It’s easy. It’s convenient, in one bottle, bam, you’re done. You pull it out of the fridge, you can take it with you, put it in the car, bring it to work, whatever it is that you’re doing with it. But you’ve got your kombucha. 

These are smaller bottles because I wanted them to be one serving, 250 milliliters. Most magnesium bottles come in 350 to 500 ml and I didn’t want to do that, because I wanted to offer this as a replacement for your magnesium. And I didn’t want to be like, ‘here, drink this all for the whole day.’ That’s too much magnesium.

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