What happens when you search for something on the web

What happens when you search for something on the web

It’s clear most people don’t care, but I think even less may actually know about what happens when you search for something on the web. And at least to me, it comes down to choice.

For example, most of us think we control our Facebook newsfeed – when in fact we don’t. Maybe to a degree with what we click on. For example the more of something you click on the more you get. You click on a shoes page, guaranteed shoes ads will pop up along with more shoes posts (even if you don’t want them).

Google is no different. They track your internet signal, where you’re sitting, what websites you’re visiting and they give you more of what they think you want or what they feel you should see. Which may sound convenient but I don’t feel it gives you the option to something different if you want something different.

Youtube is no different. We’ve all seen ‘similar’ videos on the right hand side of our screen from something we searched weeks or days ago. But of course google owns YouTube so course they’d do the same thing.

Take Netflix for example. I don’t think it’s a secret they put your type of movies to the top of the list or on the front page. They put not the most popular movies up there but the most popular to you.

Which again may sound convenient or could be however when you’re looking for something else or something different (like I have on many occasions) you still only see what they want you to see (or what they think you want to see).

Google has had many privacy issues and will continue without question because of their wallet size and how they believe they can and should be able to track every movement you take on the web. Did you know they even track your movements on google calendar! That was a new one to me.

So I’ve decided to try something different. My browser of choice for the last little bit has been one called BRAVE and my search engine is called Duck Duck Go (odd name I know).

Both believe we should have the choice to be more private and secure with what we do on the web. And both feel that we should be able to search and find what we want to find instead of what ‘they’ want you to find.

If nothing else, it’s worth considering. I recently watched this 8 min Ted Talk that is more than worth your time, if you’re concerned at all who’s watching and who’s determining what you’re watching, doing or seeing when you open up your phone or sit down in front of your computer.

*and yes I know they track your phone and your location, etc. I suppose my point here is that – some people have no idea, so raising awareness is one. And the other is, there are small steps we can take to have a little more control of our own lives.