You should have a VERY good idea of what’s in the bottle you are taking

Just yesterday I went to a practitioners office and before I left they recommended some supplements. To be honest, I almost felt obligated to buy. Not that they were pushy, just my own perspective.

I thought maybe I’d disappoint them if I didn’t purchase their recommendation. Of that they would think I didn’t trust them for whatever reason.

It turned out when I flipped the bottle around it had an ingredient I don’t exactly approve of. Which is the main reason I passed. I wasn’t about to debate or tell them why I felt some of their ingredients weren’t healthy. So I smiled, thanked them kindly and went on with my day.

You should have a VERY good idea of what's in the bottle you are taking

Here’s the thing, you shouldn’t ever feel pressured into buying any type of supplement or even taking any kind of medication. Before you take either you should have a VERY good idea of what’s in the bottle you are taking.

Ask questions, read ingredients, ask what alternatives there are, what possible side effects, what’s the best case scenery, worst, etc. Ask lots and lots of questions because truthfully many people that sell supplements have no idea what’s in them. If you don’t know, and they are unsure themselves, it’s a good time to smile, thank them and move on with your day.

Even when it comes to our supplements, we want you to know, we don’t expect you to buy, and pressuring you is the last thing we want to do. We provide information, as you may notice our posts aren’t sale after sale or product after product.

We base our posts around knowledge, facts, experiences and information. Much different than the norm in the industry. We’re here for you when you need us, not to push products down your throat, literally.

If you have any questions for us, we’re always here. But please don’t think you have to buy every time we come out with a new product. If it aligns with your beliefs and values, if you feel it can benefit your health, then we’re more than happy to have your support.

Once again, don’t feel pressured at a health food store, with a holistic practitioner recommending supplements or doctors recommending pharmaceuticals.

If you’re unsure ask questions. Still unsure, ask more questions. Still unsure, get a second opinion, do you own research and when or if you’re ready, go back and try what’s recommended if you feel comfortable taking it.