Why Not Make a Better Choice

Why not make a better choice

Last night Dorothy and I were reading a very disturbing article about how the ‘recycling’ industry started. Whup there we go, just lost half our audience. It’s beyond my why so few want to read or listen to what’s happening to our planet. I’ll carry on anyways.

Quite frankly the article was sickening. It talked about how the ‘recycle’ symbol was put on packaging as a marketing scheme much like ‘gluten free’ is put on everything even though many of those items have no business having gluten anywhere in or on them.

So people started to see the recycle symbol and sales went up on products that had this symbol on it so more and more companies started to do this even though they had no plans of it being recycled or even though the people that purchased them didn’t place it in an area where it could be recycled, it was just thrown in the trash.

Since this ‘pandemic’ plastic waste has gone up 300%!!! This is what sickens me. Organizations worked so hard and pushed grocery stores away from one use plastic bags, and then overnight that was wiped away when some stores wouldn’t even let you bring your own bags in. Did you know one use masks alone take 250 YEARS to decompose?!

If feels like we’re fighting a losing battle, what’s worse is it feels like so few care about the only planet we have to love and care for or to treat like a giant garbage can.

But still we push on, because we believe every one of us has a choice, and every one of us can make a difference. That’s why we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint, and even though businesses should use more plastic, businsiness innately have more trash, we choose differently. For our planet and for future generations.

We take back bags, bottles, brochures, packing material etc. Anything you don’t want, they may be thrown in the trash. And we use Glass whenever possible. Here’s the thing, we think that throwing our material into the recycling bin is doing our part but the truth is, very little of that actually gets recycled and non of it gets reused.

We feel that reusing is the best option, then repurposing and finally recycling.

People even throw compost away instead of using green bins or offering it to your neighbors chickens living in a rural town. I can count 3 people that have chickens that I can see from my house!

Why not make a better choice, why not do something slightly inconvenient for future generations. So your kids and grandkids can enjoy beautiful mountains, fresh ocean water or carribean vacations with water so blue most only see on the discovery channel.

We’ll continue to do our part, we’ll continue to share this message regardless of how many want to hear it. And we hope you do too. We hope you realize you make a choice, you vote with your actions and the children raised will do the same which will equate to what our future generations get to enjoy or get to clean up.