Why You Can’t Change Minds

I remember when I was starting out, I was young and inspired and enthusiastic about changing the world. I wanted to tell anyone who would listen about toxic ingredients and how detrimental they were to your health. I had such a hard time with those that didn’t want to listen and learn. In fact I was shocked to find out a couple things:

A. More times than not people didn’t seem to want to know the truth. More than that, when I shined light on a subject, topic or more particularly in this case, an ingredient; people were actually upset at me for telling them the truth, they were even offended.

B. People were not ready to hear the truth, not just offended but didn’t want to listen.Which was clear to me that they didn’t want to change their mindset.

Why You Can’t Change Minds

Take for example someone that’s fixated on price. They want the cheapest priced product and that’s all they care about. You can’t explain to someone like that, that those products are cheaper because they are lower quality and in many cases they are more detrimental to your health than beneficial.

They simply don’t want to know. So instead of spending hours and weeks or months trying to change someone’s mind set, we take a different approach.

And work with those more interested in learning and those that are intersted in clean ingredients and don’t just care about one thing. In this case the price. But it could be anything…

It could be nutritional facts or calories or any number of things people are so focused on, they miss out on the big picture and have a hard time understanding what is truly a health product that can and will improve their health.

Which also means avoiding those low quality products and companies that won’t do any good.