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This book was designed for health in mind and to show you the versatility of Complete Truth. I wanted everyone to know baking doesn’t have to be unhealthy and more importantly, healthy baking can actually taste good.  The days are over you have to feel guilty because you’re eating delicious baking.  Each recipe was centered around not only taste but nutrients.  Absolutely no sugar was used in any of these recipes, nor was any kinds of oil.  In this book you’ll find healthy alternatives for both.  Not only will this book show you how to bake healthy recipes but it will introduce you to a whole new mind set.  And lastly, we’re going to show you how this product performs not only in shakes and smoothies but how easy it is to boost the nutrients in everything from pancakes, to muffins, cookies and energy bars.  This book is a must if your truly want to capture everything Complete Truth has to offer.

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