A look of determination?

A look of determination? For many people waking up a 4am is a no brainer – no chance they’ll consider it. For us it’s a no brainer as well. We wake up when most sleep because we’re driven behind a goal and a purpose. We live like few will now so we can live like even fewer do in the future.

We set weekly goals, monthly goals and work through them methodically day after day – reaching, striving – sacrificing and grinding each day with a purposed.

It’s never been one of my goals or aspiration to be ‘one of the best’ but always thee best no matter what I’m doing. We have no inclination of ‘just getting by’, of being ordination but extra-ordinary in everything that we do.

No it’s not easy – the higher you climb the further you fall and the more it hurts when you hit the ground; but we get back up, dust ourselves off and grind again. We’re in it for the long haul.

We don’t have mediocre dreams – in fact the average person would say what we aspire to is such a stretch it’s ridiculous. But we’re not average, we don’t work like the average person and we don’t sacrifice averagely.

When I played competitive sports one of the first and most valuable advice I got was, ‘if you want to succeed is this sport, and excel to the next level you need to be the first one here and the last one to leave’.

I took that advice throughout my career as I traveling around the world following a dream and a passion. Which has now been transferred to business, entrepreneurship and making a difference in people lives.

We don’t compete with anyone else, in fact I hardly know what the ‘competition’ is doing (if we have any). We focus on ourselves, we leave everything on the ‘field’ each and every day

One year near the playoffs I dove in the outfield for ball in practice and broke my finger and sprained my hand which quickly looked like a balloon (which I played through taping my hand to the bat before each time I stepped up to the plate).

Someone from the other team asked me what happened. I told him I dove in practice and injured it. He said ‘practice? You have to take it easy during practice’.

I looked at him & said, ‘it’s the only way I know how to play’.

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