TTR #13: Accepting a life changing challenge


Brian Cerier lives in Torrance with his wife, Kelly, and dog, Zoey. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Brian made the move across the country after graduating from college and started working as a systems engineer in the Aerospace industry.

Since moving out to the South Bay he started working in security engineering and will soon be starting a new position at a tech startup in El Segundo.

Brian decided to start running when the best man in his wedding challenged their close group of friends to beat his marathon time. The bet was that if any of them could beat his marathon time he would have to run another marathon. Brian is a very competitive person and decided to take him up on his challenge. At the time, Brian had only run one organized event in his life, a 5k back in 2015.

He really didn’t like to run, and would look for anything other than running to stay in shape. His competitiveness took over and he began training for the 2018 LA Marathon and also joined the South Bay Runners Club during the process.

He kept his training a secret from his best man until the Friday before the marathon. From that point on Brian was bit by the running bug and has been running ever since with the South Bay Runners Club.

Brian’s biggest achievement is the success he had at the LA Marathon 2018 and being able to challenge his best friends’ time. His ultimate running goal is to qualify for Boston, but in the short term he is trying to chip away at his PR and break the 3:10:00 barrier at Mountains2Beach in 2020.

What Brian loves most about the running community is the support. The fact that people are willing to help you achieve a goal that has no effect on them, but because they want to help you succeed is truly amazing.