Benefits of a Nutrition Journal

The benefits of a nutrition journal is something I want to share because I’m so very excited to announce I finally have one to offer.  This one is slightly different which I’ll get into shortly however I named this a ‘success journal’.

It didn’t take me long to realize working with my clients, those that record and keep track of their food have a much higher rate of reaching their goals than those that don’t.  Not only food but water or fluid intake along with recording your emotions is where I’ve found the most success in my clients, which is where the title ‘success journal’ came in.

Success Journal

I truly believe food controls just about everything from our mind and emotions to how we perform and feel physically.  If we record what we’re consuming and every time we eat a certain food have some sort of reaction comes up, meaning not being able to sleep or feeling grumpy them we can look back to see why we are feeling this way.  Allergies are the same way, feeling nasally or even have a headache after eating foods at certain times, we can relate that back to food, see exactly what it is we’re eating and make adjustments to improve our health.

I’ll never forget the time I was at the gym and I asked someone how much water they consume.  They told me, ‘I drink TONS of water’, I said well how much?  They told me ‘at least 5 or 6 of these’, while holding up a tiny sample cup from the water fountain.  The fact remains is that we all have a different perspective, we all see things differently and if we don’t write it down we don’t have an accurate picture especially if we’re trying to follow someone else’s advise.

As I was saying above, this food journal is slightly different, it give you an area to record your emotions as well as food and fluid intake but I also offer exercises each day to help you focus on the positive things you’re doing.  Sometimes I offer an inspiring quote, sometimes all you have to do is rewrite the affirmation and other times you get to pick your favourite exercise after I offer an example.  I’ve set out to be your personal coach, and walk you through each and every day.

My goal of this journal was to compliment Detoxify Yourself and also give my clients something to record everything in so I can actually see it but I also designed this workbook to work as a stand alone project as well, meaning you don’t have to own a Detoxify Yourself book or if you haven’t read it, you can still have me walk through you 30 days to whatever nutrition changes you want to make.

Benefits of Recording a Food Journal

The books aren’t exactly for sale yet, what I did was print out a handful of them, then I offered anyone that wanted a free one to act like a test subject and offer me feedback on any errors or suggestion on how to improve.  That was in my weekly newsletter in which I always try to make special offers to those willing to subscribe and read what I write week after week.

I truly hope these books will do exactly what I designed them for, that’s to make it easier to make sustainable changes and help others find the lifestyle they’re looking for.   If you’re interested in listening to a podcast where I explain more about the benefits of a food journal along with some food and lifestyle tips you can click here. Detoxify Yourself Success Journal, record your food, increase your accountability and watch how more quickly you’ll reach your goals.