Benefits of Blue Green Algae

Blue Green Algae is a huge business in the East and has been used there for generations because of the unlimited health benefits.


Chlorella in particular is great for detoxing the body. In fact we suggest that every time you have a fish product, you take some chlorella tabs.

You’ll notice that fish isn’t listed in the meal plan, the reason being, you’ll often find high levels of heavy metal in fish, found in the ocean.

The bigger the fish is, the more hard metals it will have in its body because in most cases the bigger the fish the longer it has lived, which means it’s had a longer amount of time to be contaminated by hard metals.

Which means the bigger the fish we consume and the fish we eat, the more hard metals we’ll be consuming when eating fish.

Given chlorella’s detoxing benefits, it’s actually binding and can help remove hard metals along with other toxins that our bodies take in throughout the day, which is why we choose to take this one at the end of the day.

Here are some other benefits that Chlorella has to offer:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Revitalizes blood as it’s high in chlorophyll
  • Reduces aging with antioxidants and Vit K2
  • Speeds recovery from drinking alcohol, injuries or high intensity sports


Spirulina is another powerful Blue Green Algae that we consume daily. Not for detoxing benefits but it has plenty of other health benefits that makes it worthwhile to use on a regular basis.

In fact we’re often asked about a multivitamin supplement, the truth is it’s very hard to find a clean multivitamin without toxins included.

So at this point this Blue Green Algae is the closest thing we take that would be considered a multivitamin. Reason being they contain 40 vitamins and minerals with each dose.

Now I’m not saying don’t take any other vitamins or supplements for that matter. For example you still need Vit. D, Magnesium and depending on your genetic makeup or what you may be lacking in your diet, other supplements as well that you wouldn’t find in Algae.

Some of the Benefits of Spirulina include:

  • Increases energy because of it’s high Vit B content
  • Improves focus and brain health with Omega 3
  • High in protein with 18 amino acids
  • It’s also high in iron and nitric oxide which reduces fatigue
  • It can also boost your performance for sport and work

One of the main reasons we like to use and recommend these particular tabs is, they don’t come in a powder form which means you don’t have to hide the taste in smoothies (for those that don’t enjoy smoothies), all you do is pop these tiny, easy to swallow tabs and you can even have your greens on the go!

Take your greens on the go!

One of my favorite benefits is how easy they travel. We like to travel often and finding a blender and greens from the grocery store, and then making a bunch of noise in a hotel room early in the morning or in someone else’s kitchen is often on our minds and an inconvenience for everyone.

Then of course when traveling at times it’s hard to know when your next meal will be, how they are preparing your food when visiting a restaurant and if you’ll get a good number of greens if eating at someone else’s house.

This may not have been a concern for you in the past, but after being on this meal plan for a short time, you’ll realize how fantastic you feel on a plant based diet consuming all these wonderful greens benefiting from all the nutrients they have to offer. Which means you’ll be less likely to want to skip out on your greens regardless of where you are.

Now I’m not saying this is a replacement for your vegetables. This easy to swallow little greens that offers the convenience of taking them with you wherever you go doesn’t mean I’m suggesting that you don’t prepare your own greens (or food) if you have them. Use these as a tool in your tool box, use them as a backup or use them in unison with your healthy lifestyle which includes preparing foods on a regular basis.

Protecting our Oceans

One of my favorite aspects of this Algae is that they are grown in freshwater. I know this isn’t a big concern for a lot of people. But we spend a lot of time at the Beach. Our second home is in Redondo Beach, LA and we love our little paradise so much.

We see how the beautiful beaches and oceans are cluttered with litter, we see the trash, the plastic in the ocean. It’s all terribly sad to see and to do nothing about. Which is why we try to take as many little steps as possible to make a difference.

You may also consider watching the documentary Seaspiracy to see how fishing, and pollution is ruining the ocean floor and the entire ecosystem that we as humans are destroying daily.

Tabs Not Powder

We actually found some really good tasting powdered greens that could be added to a shake, juice or even water. But finding clean greens without other toxins can be a daunting and time consuming task.

You know what you’re getting with these little tabs. Individually they have one single ingredient. There’s no fillers, additives, preservatives or toxins.

Simple Ingredients

The only ingredient the Chlorella tabs contain is chlorella and the only ingredient the spirulina tab contains is spirulina. Be careful when buying these in powder form, you’ll quickly notice that they hide many more ingredients on the label.

How many should I take?

The good news is, this isn’t a pharmaceutical, it’s not even a powerful mineral like magnesium. This is a food product which means you can’t overdose on them.

In most cases the more you take the better. One tab is equivalent to an entire plate of veggies. Does that mean you should only take 1 tab? Well, yes and no.

If you only take one tab you’re still better off than not taking any. But we suggest taking 5-10 tabs of each per day.

I take 5 chlorella tabs in the evening to help detox our bodies, improve our immune systems and recover regardless of how our day went.

At times if I feel like I missed a meal of greens or if my immune system is run down, or if I feel like I didn’t make the best of food choices, I’ll add another 5 tabs before supper (and take my regular 5 tab dose) after supper.

I take 5 Spirulina tabs in the morning and sometimes 5 more tabs in the early afternoon for added mental clarity and for a boost of energy.

Consider that I eat a highly plant based diet, still supplement with greens (more so for all the vitamins and minerals they have to offer) and I take 10-20 tabs per day.

But I don’t want the numbers to deter you. Start taking one or two tabs. Maybe you even start with just the chlorella during this 30 day program to help you detox.

If you enjoy the benefits, maybe you trying a few tabs of spirulina in the morning. And increase from there as you see fit.

Slow progressions are always the best way to see sustainable results that last.

Benefits of Spirulina & Chlorella

Benefits of Spirulina & Chlorella

Catharine has a thirty year career as an international Attache for the Canadian and British Governments, publisher of an international magazine and Founder of three startups. But in 2009 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist to change her diet to an alkaline one because it would help her heal, Catharine put her career on hold to help her sister.

In the process, she discovered algae, the most alkaline, nutrient-dense plant in the world that no one seemed to know about. Catharine knew algae would be a game changer for the world if she could just help Americans understand it. And ENERGYbits was born.

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