Brand New Transformations Through Running Podcast!

I have 4 Incredible interviews already recorded and produced ready to be released. We are SO CLOSE to releasing our new Podcast called Transformations Through Running! Which we’re hoping to Launch next week.

Thanks to these 4 for the courage the share their stories with us. EVERYONE has a unique and interesting story worth sharing with the running community to teach, learn, and inspire.

But these stories aren’t just for the running community. They are for anyone looking for a boost of motivation and inspiration. These interviews have already given me goose bumps, shivers and even tears.

I’m really hoping we can make the ‘new and noteworthy’ stage on itunes which will put us on the front page and in front of LOTS of people.

I don’t know how challenging of a task that is, I don’t know if you need millions or thousands of people helping out. But I do hope I can lean on our True Form community in the near future when that time comes.

The best way to contribute is to subscribe to the show (once it’s published), leave a 5 start review (if you like the show of course) and tell your friends about it.

Looking forward to sharing them with you all!