Have you ever tried a Burrito Bowl!?!?

✅This Burrito Bowl is jam packed with protein, it’s low carb, it tastes amazing and they even fun to make.

Burrito Bowl

👉We start with a base of quinoa or rice (which you can omit if you’re worried about carbs).

👉Then we add baked or refried beans, also a complex carb that’s packed with proteins.

👉From there we add scrambled eggs, top with cilantro, avocado, and salsa!

👇Now that’s a jam packed bowl of goodness. Skip the wraps that usually has tons of ingredients that our body doesn’t need. It’s also an added carb not necessary here.

👇With quinoa which is a complete protein, beans and rice (when combined is also a complete protein) and eggs, you have a ton of protein which many people are looking for after a workout.

👇Then with the added fats of avocado, you can expect a high energy boost shortly after.

✅Whip up with the kids and enjoy for a meal, after a workout or even before!

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