I thought about something the other day and I feel like it’s more relevant than ever with that big C word coming up quickly with some who have already purchased most of their gifts. In many cases price plays a major factor in deciding whether to buy or not.

And I understand that’s it’s important to consider price but I also wanted to explain what it’s like from the other side, maybe for those who create and produce products and services.

In Considering Buying Gifts for the Holidays

In most cases, when you take an entrepreneur or someone that creates art with their mind, hands and hard work, you have someone passionate about what they do. Sometimes they do it for their own therapy and want to share their work with the world – this could be a painter for example.
You could have someone that’s solved a problem for themselves or their child and want to help others with this same issue.

In both cases and many more different situations and circumstances these ‘artists’ spend endless hours on their craft refining, studying, practicing, researching…until they feel comfortable sharing their art with the world, which is more than terrifying.

So you have endless hours to put into this work, more courage than the majority could even consider to release this to the world and finally the artist has to figure out how to price, how to ‘ship’ (meaning market and promote). It really is endless.

In Considering Buying Gifts for the Holidays

So after all that, sooner than later you run into someone that says I can get that cheaper from…. (enter your fav box store). Or someone may say, ‘let me know when that’s on sale’, or they may expect some sort of free gift or giveaway. Yes I’ve had people say, do you have anything free?

Consider that individual, all the time and effort, tears and sweat. They finally build up the courage to release their work and someone would rather find something cheaper made from the other side of the world, likely in horrible living conditions for pennies on the dollar, in most cases it’s a low quality template of something that’s been created thousands of times which will most likely break or cause more harm than good.

And there that individual sits, sitting, thinking, considering, maybe even confused and shocked (when it happens the first time). Thinking, I’m right here in front of you; I put in the time and effort, put myself out here to make a difference and …… how could this be?

In Considering Buying Gifts for the Holidays

This is called entrepreneurship, it’s a harsh reality and something we’ll all have to deal with and continue to. Some will change their mind and realize this is far too challenging and others will push on.

This will never change, it’s something we have to accept. And I don’t expect you as the reader to change either, but maybe, just maybe, one or even two people reading this will consider the other side when you walk through a craft show or farmers market this holiday season.

When you’re standing across from that excited entrepreneur as they hope more than anything for that single sale that will change their entire day, maybe their life.

In Considering Buying Gifts for the Holidays

Understand that when you ask for something ‘on sale’ or maybe you feel like you should use their service and not pay for it (expecting free…for whatever reason), you devalue that product or service, you undermine all that hard work they put in and continue to put in to their craft, to their art that means the world to them. Maybe not to you, but it does for them.

Put yourself in their shoes just from a moment. Consider how you’d feel if you were in their situation standing behind that table looking, hoping that just a few people will see how much time and effort you’ve put in to what’s being presented.
Hopefully this holiday season, we can all stand in one another shoes, if not for just a moment.

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