It strikes me as odd that at the most stressful time of the year we stop doing the things that act as a stress relief. We stop exercising, we stop eating quality food, we get out of our regular routines, which is understandable to an extent but not if we want to reduce stress.

Detox with Exercise to reduce stress
Exercising is the #1 way to reduce stress

Let’s go over some significant factors that will help detox with exercise to reduce stress.

Why Exercise?

So first of all, it’s a proven fact we can reduce stress by exercising, in fact many people actually call it their ‘stress release time’ and other people have no idea they live a stress free lifestyle which in large part has to do with exercise. You can find many more examples sited by the Harvard Medical School on how you exercise to actually relax from mental to physical.

We need to find an outlet for our stress, we need to find a way to reduce stress and get rid of it, there are tons of things you can do but in this case let’s focus on exercise. We have a sort of stress valve if you will, there are many factors that contribute to your valve filling up and we need ways to open the valve and release stress. Exercise is one of if not the more effective way to release this valve and lower our stress levels, which also lowers a number of things like cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, tension not only on your body but in your environment as well. So as you can see, releasing stress through exercise makes a big difference in your overall well-being.

The problem is, many people forget about exercise when they’re stressed out, I’d imagine because they’re stressed out. Although this may seem counter intuitive, the most important time to workout is when you’re stressed out so you can release that stress and give your body a break.

Setting a time and sticking to it!

As difficult as this sounds, it’s even more important to set a time to workout and stick to it when we’re stressed out. I know ‘time’ is often a factor or reason we’re stressed which is precisely why we skip workouts but think about all the benefits from working out. We have a

  • clearer mind
  • we have those feel good endorphins flowing through our body,
  • we burn body fat,
  • gain confidence;

The benefits really are endless which is why we regularly workout in the first place.

So just like you usually do, just like you set a hair or golf appointment, stick to your scheduled workouts to reduce stress and give your body a chance to feel good especially when you’re stressed out.

Don’t let time get in the way of exercising, there is enough time, if you make sure there is


Detox with Exercise

We have tons of toxins in and around us every day. There is toxic food we’re putting in our body, toxins we’re breathing in, toxins in cosmetics that we’re putting on our body and we even have a toxic environment.

First of all it would be a good idea to look to prevention and stop putting toxic material in and on our body. I know this isn’t an easy feat but we can take small steps; I truly believe small steps are sustainable steps. So look to one thing first, maybe it’s the cosmetics you’re putting on your body. Can you reduce one thing? Then take out another toxin in your bathroom, then another. After your bathroom, maybe look to your kitchen and what toxic material you’re cooking with or what type of containers you store your food in. Prevention is always best but what happens when you’re full of toxins and you need to release them?

You turn to exercise. Sweating is a great way to release stored toxins. You can go for a run, jump on a piece of cardio equipment at the gym or even try a high intensity workout. These are all ways (and many more) to get the blood flowing through your body, sweating and releasing toxins.

See what happens in our body has this layer called our lymph nodes, this is where the majority of toxins build up. Unfortunately for us, we don’t actually have a pump for our lymph nodes (like our heart for example which pumps blood through our body), so we need to give these nodes a little help to flush out toxins. Exercise is the number one way to do this, which is why we want to detox with exercise to reduce stress.

What if I’m Just Starting Out?

If you remember at the top of this post I talked about sticking to your regular routines but what if you’re new to exercise, what if you want to start detoxing with exercise to reduce stress, well let’s go over that now.

Some of the tips above like go for a brisk walk, or start by walking your dog could go along very well with this subject. But let’s say you want to start working out, the first step would be to find a trusted professional (it could even be a friend that’s been working out for years).

So many people waste endless hours at the gym to be quite honest with you. Their form falters, they wander around trying these weights or that machine and they’re missing out on progress and results simply because they lack guidance. So save yourself some time and find a trusted professional to help get you started.

Finding a beginner workout class is another great way to get started and move toward detox with exercise to reduce stress; you could find a personal trainer which is also a good idea to help you get started properly. Go with a friend or a group of friends, find an instructor or class you like and stick with it. The fitness group and your friends will keep you accountable and you may even find it fun!

Find a trusted professional to help you start an exercise program to reduce stress
Find a trusted professional to help you start an exercise program

Final Thought

Remember that we need to exercise especially when we’re stressed out or during the most stressful time of year (i.e. holidays like Christmas). These are times when we need to put ourselves first and stick to our regular routines. It doesn’t do us any good to be stressed out over the holidays and try to enjoy all the little things we love.

Detox with exercise to reduce stress is the best thing you can do for yourself, give yourself the gift that keeps giving.

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