Embrace the Struggle

So this morning I certainly didn’t embrace the struggle. But I made myself get up anyways. I was tired from a long day before, had a great workout yesterday, and although I thought I slept well, I could have easily went back to sleep (which is out of the ordinary because usually when I’m up, I’m up).

I’m fortunate to have motivation most of the time. When I wake up I can’t wait to get to the gym and start moving my body. Today was different. But again I made myself go but not before some invasive thoughts polluted my mind.

‘You had a long day yesterday, you need your sleep’, ‘you had a good workout yesterday, take a day off’, ‘no one will really know if you skip this workout, go back to sleep’………

embrace the struggle

So I thought to myself, it’s easy to go workout, to prep your meals, to hit the grocery store when you’re motived, when you’re feeling good, when you can’t wait to make a meal or get your workout in….

It’s hard when you’re not motivated, it’s hard when you have to make yourself, it’s difficult when you could use any number of excuses to roll back over, hit the drive through or reason with yourself which usually sounds like, ‘I can do it later’.

The truth is, results come at the most difficult times. When you make yourself, when you have little time, but still find the time. When the motivation or inspiration seems lost.

Did you know you get the most out of your last 3 reps? It’s true, the most beneficial reps, no matter what you’re doing will give you the MOST results. In fact I’ve heard elite athletes talk about how every other rep before the last 3 reps till failure is only a warm up.

When I was playing, the last rep was always the most important in practice because it was your last chance before practice was over or before it was game time.

So think about that when you struggle to get your workout in, when you struggle to get up in the morning or when you struggle to get your last few reps in.

The struggle makes all the difference in the world, so embrace the struggle it’s what makes it worthwhile.