10 Tips to Instantly Increase Fitness Motivation

Finding motivation is always a hot topic which is why I wanted to offer you 10 Tips to Instantly Increase Fitness Motivation. The truth is, motivation isn’t always present which is why it’s so important to ride the wave of motivation when it is there.

In this post I’m going go over 10 tips to increase your motivation today! All you have to do is take action. It’s easy to think about it, even talk about it, but putting these tips into action is the real challenge and will be exactly where you’ll see results. So let’s get started!

Setting Goals

Cliche and I know you’ve most likely heard it before but I’m not going to dwell on this tip. It should be noted that most of the time when we experience a loss of motivation it is because we don’t have goals or they’re not set high enough.

These goals could be for personal reasons, let’s say you want to jump higher for example. That’s a personal goal.

Running a marathon to raise a certain amount of money because of a personal issue, family member or friend is a quick way to boost your motivation, #1 because it’s public and #2 you’re passionate about helping out.

Setting a good example for your children is another type of goal although it may not be specific enough. You’ll need to ask yourself how you are going to do this and determine the why in order to make your goal stick.

Regardless of how or what, set an epic goal, one that inspires you, one that wakes you up in the morning, one that’s a little scary and watch your motivation skyrocket.

Set a short 5 or 10 day challenge

As humans we’re inherently competitive. Something in us wants to push just a little bit further than the next person. Have you ever noticed yourself slowly speeding up as someone is in the next lane passing you? This is a good example of that competitor in you that you may not know about.

Use this competition to your advantage. It could be a challenge with only yourself, you could challenge a friend to do it with you. Whatever it is use a short challenge to increase your motivation. Usually 5 or 10 days is a perfect amount of time to give you a boost and get you going in the right direction.

You can listen to Dorothy Keith talk about how she was able to see incredible results in 10 days by challenging herself here.

Or you could try our FREE 10 Day Fitness Challenge here.


Find a Workout Partner

Workout partners are fantastic to increase motivation. Find someone you can trust, is motivated and will meet you at a gym. This is a perfect way to give yourself a little boost. I’ve heard workout partners switching bags so if the other one doesn’t show up, the friend isn’t able to workout.

Finding motivation doesn’t need to be drastic, little things make all the difference. So even if you can find someone to meet you a couple times a week that will help you push forward and find some motivation.

*Side note: Be careful who you choose. If you find someone unreliable or someone that has trouble sticking to a routine, you could be left holding the bag, on your own and with no motivation at all because you haven’t workout by yourself in years.

Record in a Success Journal

A success journal is a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable. This is where you record your workouts, your nutrition, your emotions, aspirations and more. Start off with recording your workouts first, then move on to nutrition and so on.

It doesn’t sound like much but the importance of a nutrition journal is hard to match. You can track absolutely everything from sleep habits to allergies. So consider a success journal to increase your motivation.

Plan an Event or Vacation  

I understand it’s not always possible to plan a vacation but we could also plan an event depending on what time of year it is. We all know what it’s like to want to get ‘beach body fit’. We also know what it’s like to work towards fitting into our little black dress.

So plan on an event. Commit in some way, buy a dress and give yourself a time frame. Buy tickets to an event or even plan your vacation so you know exactly how much time you have. And don’t forget to buy your closes at the size you want to be and will be, not the size you are now (if you are in fact looking to lose a few inches).

Track Your Progress

Most of us are motivated by tangible results. I highly recommend you stay away from the scale given I feel it’s the least accurate measure of progress. A different way to track progress is using a tape measure.

Tracking your progress really depends on what you want to achieve which would lead us back to setting goals. Let’s say you want to slackline for example. Maybe you want to take 10 steps in the next 5 times you go. This is tangible because you can count your steps.

Maybe you want to commit to a nutrition plan for 30 days. Decide how many meals you’re going to consume in a day and track your progress over the next 30 days in a success journal.

*Side note: setting proper goals means they rarely have to do with external circumstances. For example if you decide you’d like to workout 3 days a week with a workout partner and that workout partner doesn’t show up, it would be difficult to reach your goal given the outside circumstance of depending on someone else.

Finding a Motivating Environment 

Without a doubt we are products of our environment. We usually talk, dress and even think like those closest to us. For these reasons it’s important to find those to spend time with that are motivated on their own.

Look for people that have big goals in life, positive people that want to change the world. This could be a charity or it could be individual people or even groups that love to get out and achieve!

Group classes, attending events, seminars, even looking online are all great ways to find motivated individuals to connect with and eventually spend time with. If you’re with someone that’s always setting new goals, there’s a good chance you’ll start to set some yourself.

If you’re looking for a supportive environment to help you with your health and fitness goals, we have a very supportive group within our Monthly Membership that offers support, motivation and more which includes at home workout routines, meal plans, challenges and giveaways!

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Using Momentum 

It’s important to understand motivation isn’t always there, we’re not always motivated, we’re not always inspired which is why it’s so important to take action when we are. Some days we’re more motivated than others, some weeks or months for whatever reason we’ve found that seemingly unending drive to keep up going long hours into the evening or waking up for an early morning workout.

This is a special time, it’s important to take advantage of every moment, every ounce, every possible way to push forward because of momentum. Once we get rolling just a bit, it’s that much easier to roll a bit more. Once we see some progress it’s easier to find more progress.

So ride the momentum wave because unfortunately just as quickly as motivation seems to appear it can disappear as well. Although having momentum makes it that much harder to stop.

A Coach or Partner 

Have a coach to keep you accountable can increase your motivation. If you know someone is watching, if someone is waiting for an update, it’s easier to be motivated for a task when it’s not just you who knows when it has to be done.

If a coach isn’t in your budget or frame of mind look to a partner, someone you trust, maybe even someone you look up to. You can trade updates each week or each month keeping each other motivated an inspired to push forward.

Mastermind Group

A master mind group is a small group of 3-5 likeminded individuals that want to succeed in a certain area of life. This doesn’t mean you all have to be coworkers or in the same job. In fact it would be better if you weren’t. Think about the power of taking tips from different industries and implementing them into your job or niche.

These types of group meet once a week let’s say. So for example if there are 4 of you, everyone gets to spend one week as the focus getting tips from everyone else in the group. Highly successful entrepreneurs talk very highly of mastermind groups. Although it doesn’t matter if it’s health and fitness or your occupation you want to succeed in; wherever you’re looking to find motivation find some likeminded people you can meet with on a regular basis to help keep your motivation high.

*side note: you shouldn’t have to pay to be in a mastermind group. And you can meet online or over the phone as well.

10 Tips to Instantly Increase Fitness Motivation

I hope these 10 Tips to Instantly Increase Fitness Motivation gave you some insight on how you can find motivation for yourself. Remember that motivation isn’t always there so ride the wave when it is. And if you’re having trouble finding it from the beginning, try some of these tips, there’s a good chance at least one of them or a combination of a few will give you the boost you’re looking for!


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