Exploring Mind and Body #100!!!!

The 100th show, the 100th show, the 100th show.  Doesn’t matter how many times I say it, it’s still hard to believe.  I’ve always been good at starting out with a bang, I always started out at full speed, I was good at turning heads and coming out of nowhere.  The last 10 yrs of baseball I hit lead off, which means I was the first batter for our team to hit; I also always had a good on base percentage which means more than 50% of the time I got on base (which is much better than average).  Then of course this plays right into my specialty of stealing bases.  Most teams I played for I either led the team and often league in this category.

Exploring Mind and Body #100!!!!

So there I am standing at second base only one hit away from having the first run scored in the first inning before many teams knew the game stared.  A comment I won’t soon forget was by one of my coaches who managed an all star team.  During the season he coached another team we played against.  Now he was my coach, I’ll never forget him saying before I started each game, go out there and be that terror we hated playing against.

Being that sprinting was my specialty is many aspects; the long term wasn’t my thing.  I switched, schools, teams, apartments, you name it; sticking around wasn’t my thing.  So here we are with the 100th show and I can’t remember doing anything for this long with this much consistency.  Week in and week out here I am at the studio, remembering way back if this show would even get off the ground.

I approached the radio station looking to do some sort of commercial.  Being that it can be awfully expensive for air time I was looking for more of trade so to speak.  I was countered by my producer Jamieson Brown with the opportunity to host my own radio show.  15 mins of air time was on the table, an offer and opportunity that never even crossed my mind.  I was much more closed off than I am today, if you can imagine.  I didn’t say much, didn’t talk to too many people, didn’t know many people; so to have my voice heard on an actual radio station, to be quite honest wasn’t that appealing.  On top of that I don’t remember the last time I talked for 15 mins straight.

One of the most difficult parts and still is today was sponsorship.  I’ve never cold called, I’ve never knocked on someone’s door asking for anything let alone sponsorship (money).  I don’t have any background in sales and I certainly wasn’t use to talking to any managers or owners of anything really.  Except maybe be yelled at by managers, ha.

I’ve been so very fortunate to find some owners and manager that have been with me right from the very beginning.  GDK Sand and Gravel were the very first sponsors we had which gave me hope the show would run and that it would be possible to find more.  The CLC fitness Centre and Health Street also where there right from the beginning and gave me the confidence to continue on.  No questions health street is still a sponsor and has played such a big role in supporting not only this show but True Form in general.  We have shoppers drug mart who I couldn’t be more grateful to, I talk to the owner Paul who’s a great guy and always willing give me a few minutes for any questions I have.  AG Foods in Didsbury has also been a long time sponsor, not only do they listen to the show but they do their best to bring in healthy foods and fill any suggestions customs have for healthy options.  Curves is a new addition that we’re happy to have also.

Some sponsors have come and gone, which is certainly understandable, some businesses have passed on the opportunity to work with us and other will have a chance in the future.  Quite honestly, any way you look at it, this show wouldn’t be possible without not only our sponsors but the long term support that the show counts on; thank you so much to all that participates in the show.

Speaking of participating; to my family, friends, members, clients, listeners; everyone that’s heard the show, everyone that listens on a consistent basis, I am so grateful to have you.  I get comments in town, emails, questions, testimonials and the odd complaint, ha which is all part of it.  But every single one of you make a difference in my life, so thank you all for being there.

Jamieson Brown my producer who made this show possible, who edits and produces every single week, thanks for your time and patience and being a part of Exploring Mind and Body.  It’s clear Jamieson has lost some weight as of recently and may very well continue to, told me being involved with this show on a consistent basis has made a difference in his health which is inspiring for me to hear and see.

I remember the very first show, we started to record and boy was I nervous.  I didn’t sleep the night before, it was like the night before a big game.  I sat there while Jamieson tried to pry words out of me along with confidence as well.  We sat there for at least 6 hours maybe longer and hashed out the first show.  I’m sure we both thought maybe this wasn’t a good idea.  Actually you know how we got the first show, after hours of talking and editing and me trying to speak into a microphone, Jamieson asked me questions and didn’t tell me the mike was still on.  So I then talked like a regular person, instead of a scared mouse and he edited from there, which was I was say a brilliant move!

When the first showed aired I sat there with my family as we listened intently, to what would become a part of me, a part of this period in my life.  I couldn’t have planned the first any better if I were to do it again.

So when I walked into the studio, Jamieson says, here we go, the 100th show.   I was in shock, I knew it was coming up but didn’t know how quickly.  I planned to do a small event, a kick off or celebration for #100.  Well if you could imagine it slipped my mind, with all the projects I have on the go, there was no planning, no official launch like I was hoping for.  So I sit in the studio for the 100th time and I couldn’t help but to get emotional, I had to literally give my head a shake to snap out of it.  It all hit me at once.  This is the 100th time I’m sitting in this studio recording a show that I host.  I still don’t think of myself as a talk show host or radio personality or whatever they call those people that do this for a full time job.  Jamieson and I would joke when we saved show 50 and 60 and on and laugh and say ‘never thought you’d get here’ but serious, 100 shows in, who really thought I’d be here, who thought I would last.

You know, with the accomplishments I’ve been able to achieve, more recently than ever I usually play them off, not on purpose but usually because I’m thinking of the next project.  And I usually don’t have anything to compare them to.  I don’t know how many books an independent authors sells, I don’t know how many fitness type people create their own supplements and I certainly don’t know how many radio show host sit there for a couple years and record shows in the triple digits.  It’s different this time though.  This time I’m giving myself credit, I’ve been able to put myself in enough awkward situations consistently enough to keep this show moving forward.

I’ve come up with enough material, that I never thought I would and been here week in and week out to make it all happen.  100 shows is a big deal to me, and no one can take that away from me.

In baseball, it doesn’t matter if you have one good at bat, it doesn’t matter if you play a great game, there’s always the next one.  You’re not known as a great player for playing a few good games or even a few good seasons.  It’s consistency that pays off.  The NFL which is the national football league is also called the not for long league, which means as hard as it is to get there, it’s harder staying there.  Going right back to consistency.

I’m here for now, I’ve been here and not only that but we’re going to get better, I can guarantee you that.  In fact some news I wasn’t going to share, I may as well.  I’m working on a new website, with recordings, podcasts and new guests to keep you informed and living those healthy lifestyles.

Once again to all my support out there, I couldn’t do this without you.  Family asking for recordings, my mom still texting me ‘good show’, the comments, testimonials, jamieson’s production and 96.5 CKFM whose a great family run business and have given me this stage, thank you all.