Finding Courage to try Something New

You know what’s funny is, kids will try just about anything. They are interested, they are curious, they are bold. They’re everything we were as kids our selves and much of what we’ve lost as adults.
Honest, original, creative. I was a watching these 2 boys play at the beach the other day and I thought ‘how do they come up with such ideas when they’re playing this game solely on imagination?’
Last night I was slacking and I get all kinds of people with curious looks, some stand and watch, others nearly walk into things as they continue to walk but can’t take their eyes off of an individual trying to balance on a rope which for many they’ve only seen of or heard of from videos or old memories of being at the circus watching a crazy man walking on a tight rope.
Kids are pretty open as we know. Many say, I WANT TO TRY, even without their parents permission. You know what’s funny is, besides friends, I’ve never had an adult ask to try, and I had mine for at least 3 or 4 years at the time of this writing.
Last night I see a group of 4 adults standing and watching. They are smiling and laughing, they think it’s awesome, but I can’t tell exactly what they are saying because they’re speaking in a foreign language different from my own.
I’m guessing they are about 50-60 years old, dressed up like tourists and if that didn’t give it away their language sure did.
Finally one of them works up the courage to come over while the other 3 stand and watch. The stranger gingerly walks over as I’m balancing on the slackline. I know he wants to try, most do, they just don’t have the courage to actually try or to ask.
Finding Courage to try Something New

Finally in a loud but friendly voice he says something like ‘is difícil’ which is clearly, ‘is that difficult’. I reply with a friendly YES. He looks at me, then he looks at the slackline. I say, do you want to try, he thinks about it for a moment and says again, ‘is difícil’?!

I reply with a YES, and then I say, ‘but you can do it, I’ll hold your hand’. He looks at me like he’s trying to figure out what I’m saying.

He thinks some more and shakes his head no. I say, and gesture to the line, ‘come on, give it a shot’.

  • Editors note: I slackline without any shoes or socks on.

She starts taking his shoes off, then looks at my sock-less feet and points down to his own socks. I shake my head no as in, ‘it’s not necessary’, he understand immediately.

Looks at me, without his shoes on, then the rope, and doubts himself again, like he might not actually get on it. So I say again, ‘it’s okay, I’ll hold your hand’. An odd gesture in most scenarios from a man to a man.

So he climbs up on the slackline balancing himself on the tree to help him get up. I reach my hand out, and he quickly grabs it.

Step by step he slowly walks the slackline with my assistance. He has a smile on his face like someone jumping into the ocean for the first time. Excited, unsure but enjoyable.

He says to me again, ‘difícil’. I say, ‘it is but you’re doing a great job’. I have no idea if or what he understands.

He’s actually doing surprisingly well for a first timer. He’s a larger man and the heavier you are the harder it is to balance because the more the slackline moves. And given that he’s a bit older, and likely hasn’t been on one before, he really is doing great.

A few more steps and he’s had enough. He jumps off, looks at me and says in broken English with a friendly smile , ‘thank you very much my friend’.

I reply and he carries on back to his group of friends who are clearly impressed with his work.

I wanted to share that with you because it takes courage to try something new. It’s hard to put yourself out there, ask for help, ask to try something new, create new experience and memories.

Even thought that story or experience may seem insignificant to some. I’ll think about that man every time I see a group of adults standing and watching. And he’ll think about it as well every time he watches a tight rope walker or passes by someone else slacklining.

And I think that alone was worth finding the courage to try something new.

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