TTR #37: Finish the Race Attitude

Martin Parnell is author of the book, MARATHON QUEST and speaks on having a “Finish the Race Attitude – Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Full Potential”.

Martin has written for, or been covered by CNN, BBC, CBC, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Runners World, Men’s Journal, Canadian Business, and Maclean’s. In a five year period, from 2010 to 2014, Martin completed 10 extreme endurance “Quests” including running 250 marathons in one year and raising $1.3m for the humanitarian organization Right To Play.

Episode Notes

  •    began running at age 47
  •    started running because of a bet from his brother
  •    found help from a running club
  •    did 250 marathons in 1 year
  •    raised 1.3 million for the charity Right to Play
  •    5 World Records
  •    find what you’re good at
  •    putting one foot in front of the other