From Doubt to Determination: A Journey into Embracing Transformation

I feel like I’m going to remember this conversation for a very long time. It’s rare when someone talks themselves out of a program and then realizes they are worth it, which talks themself back into it.

I remember trying to talk Meghan out of joining our MAP program. I know it sounds funny but let me explain. First of all I hate sleazy sales people that try to talk you into something you don’t want. That’s not my job, if it was I would have quit a long time ago.

The main purpose of our call is to help you make a decision and that’s it. In fact I talk more people out of joining our MAP program, for those that aren’t sure or aren’t ready.

And why is that, because I love to see transformations, I love to help people get results and I want people to be EXCITED about what they are achieving.

If someone has one foot in, and one foot out, then they aren’t ready for the program. If they aren’t 100% committed, come in with an open mind and have the very root of belief in themselves that they can do this, then there’s a very low chance of success.

All that means in a nutshell is, they aren’t ready. And if I feel someone isn’t ready, I try to talk them out of it, mostly to see if they really want it.

And this is exactly what happened with Meghan. She came back to me and said I really want this, I need this, and I’m going to make it happen. And that’s the mind set we’re looking for, for success.

That’s the determination you need when times get tough to push through and carry on when you don’t feel like it to see results.

Meghan has lost 5lbs in her first week, she’s asked great questions, she’s showed up for her calls, she’s enthusiastic and has the right mindset to succeed!

If you don’t think you can afford it, if you don’t think you have time, if you don’t think (enter any objection or excuse you like), then it isn’t. And it’s not my job to make you believe otherwise.

I envision a giant army of True Form success stories from people that have jumped in with two feet fully committed because that’s the only way you’re going to see results that last a lifetime.

If you’re IN for all that, comment LET’S DO THIS! And I’ll see if I can talk you out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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