Global News Experience

A lot of people think this recent appearance on Global News was my first time on the news, it’s actually the second. The truth is, I didn’t have much of an audience 5 years ago when I first got on.

The first question everyone wants to know is how I got on, and that’s an easy answer. It’s how I achieved just about anything not just in business but in life. Starting out my Collegiate Career I sent hundreds of snail mail letters to Colleges and Universities around the US, not one was interested.

In fact, I ran to the mail box each day hoping for good news, but all I received was rejection after rejection before I decided to ‘walk on’ at a college in California. All I had was the belief in myself that I could compete at the next level. I ended up making a team, which ignited my collegiate career.

Professional baseball was no different, they weren’t exactly knocking the door down. I went to try out after try out, and I played in as many different leagues hoping someone will see my skill, passion and desire to be great. Finally I made a pro team which started my professional baseball experience that took me around world.

Fast forward years later and I take that same passion and desire to succeed and now direct it to a different area of life. Business. I had no idea how long and challenging it would be to write a book. And after that, I had no idea how difficult it is to market at book.

It’s no different than Nationally Syndicated Exploring Mind and Body either, which is a holistic health show that I’ve hosted for the last 8 years (at the time of this post).  Being on 7 stations is no easy task, which brought with it more rejection. Which is a daily ordeal if we want to keep finding new stations to air our show on.

It took some time to get on the news. It took patience, persistence and the ability to handle rejection as I did with baseball, which likely gives me an edge in the business world.

We always want more don’t we? Sometimes I think it’s a curse. Sure I did a great job of getting on the news not once but twice, but I can’t help but think….5 years later!? Honestly I don’t feel I’ve done a very good job in the years in between putting in the effort to get back on the news sooner. But we’re all our own worst critic now aren’t we?

The Days Leading Up To…..

The night before I was to appear on Global News I drove around like a crazy person looking for a belt and a decent shirt. My belt recently broke and I didn’t feel my usual attire of sweats or track pants and a t-shirt or hoodie was appropriate to be on the news.

I didn’t want to go for the collar again because I’ve never found those comfortable. So I was looking for something professional but casual and certainly comfortable. I ended up finding something I was happy with after an hour of trying on shirts and trying to find the ‘right one’, which is one of my least favourite things to do.

The night before I slept surprisingly well. That morning I got up and I couldn’t believe the day was finally here.

Showing Up at the News Station

I showed up at the station about 20 mins early which was 5 mins earlier than I was supposed to be there. I tried to get there 30 mins before I was supposed to be but that never seems to work out for me.

At any rate, I got there with plenty of time to pace back and forth with a tea in my had as I waited for them to call me.

As I paced a million thoughts went through my head from, ‘don’t mess up’ to, ‘you perform your best under pressure’ – a mantra I used throughout my baseball career which if you were to look at my stats, is actually true. I always performed best when the game was on the line, when we needed a big hit or a stolen base.

At one point when I went to return my empty tea cup right before I went on, I literally thought to myself ‘are my armpits actually leaking from a faucet?’

4 mins of fame 

The 4 mins went by in a flash. I hardly remembered what I said or what questions were asked; from the prompter, to my mike being attached, with the cameras and bright lights.

Most situations like this aren’t life changing, they really aren’t. Even though we all want to believe all we need is a big break to change our lives for the better. We received tons of great feedback, some book orders and a pretty good number of people that opted in for our free ebook offer.

What I’m most grateful for

Although being on a bigger stage meant a lot, I think what I’m most grateful for is the support we received on social media. There was SO many people sending in pictures of them watching me on the news, posting, tagging, commenting, words of encouragement and so much more.

I think that is what I’ll remember most from this experience. How the years we put in building our brand and online community was all so very worth it. When I think back to the first time I was on, we didn’t have much of a following at all.

Which meant after my 4 minutes the last time, we had some emails and orders come through but nothing like we had this time. And to see all the excitement and positivity coming from everywhere we looked, again is something that I’m so grateful for.

Now that it’s over

Now that it’s over we’ll carry on the same as we usually do. We’ll catch up with all the emails and messages coming through. We’ll run a free 14 day detox as we announced on TV, and hopefully we can find some new people that will come to enjoy what we do, and how we teach.

What’s next, is our continual pursuit of teaching people how to live a healthy lifestyle. That it doesn’t have to boring or bland. That you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and that it doesn’t have to be all that hard.

And I also plan to do a much better job working towards another News appearance certainly within another 5 year time frame.