Handball and two perfect strangers

Bouncing my ball on the way to my fav workout park I hear someone say, ‘you play racquetball?’ I reply with a casual, “nope”. He said, how about handball? I said I’d love to play handball, if there were any courts around.
The enthusiastic stranger looked around and said, ‘there, right there, that wall is perfect! You want to play a game? I laughed half thinking he was joking, then he looked at me with childlike eyes and excitement like he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Regardless, I’m always up for challenge.

I said, let’s do it. So we walk over to the wall, where I was greeted by Ozzie. Ozzie explained the rules to me, decided that we’d play to 10 points. And so it began. 

To be honest, it was a pretty cool experience. Two perfect strangers – grown adults, playing like kids, in a world that’s become a place where we walk to the other side of the street when we see another human being walking our way. 

The game was over, and Ozzie looked at me and said, hey you got $2, I’d love to drink a beer? I said, ‘yeah, I’ve got $2 for you’. 

What I enjoy most about this interaction is that, I don’t think he asked to play just for some money for a beer. But even if he did, he took action. He offered something in return. He asked for exactly what he wanted and was granted his wish.

I like to think of Ozzie drinking that beer sitting over the Ocean with a smile on his face. If that’s what I could offer, to make someone smile that day, I’d happily do it again. 

Handball and two perfect strangers