How to detox your body in the kitchen isn’t as difficult as we may think.  I mean there’s plenty of toxins in the substances of food most people call them but most of us know what those are.  If we are talking directly about how to make some quick and easy changes without much effort than I can direct you to plastic.
Plastic is a toxin in many ways, not only does it pollute our bodies but it pollutes our environment.  Concerning our bodies, plastic gives off toxins when heated so the easy answer when wondering how to detox your body in the kitchen is to stay away from plastic.  We usually have far more plastic in our house hold than we think.  Let’s go through a quick list:

Most of us have plastic:

·         Containers

·         Strainers

·         Utensils (more so spatulas, spoons, ect)

·         Cutting boards and more

These are only a few things that pollute our kitchens make it hard for us to detox our body.  The good news is, it doesn’t take much to get rid of the plastic in our household, particularly our kitchen.

Let’s go over some tips to show you how to detox your body in the kitchen.

·         Use wood or bamboo cutting boards

·         Use glass containers to store your food in

·         Use wood or bamboo spatulas or spoons especially when using them in hot water or hot pans

·         You can also use stainless steel spatulas or spoons
  There’s all kinds of things we can to detox our kitchens and ultimately our bodies, all we have to do is make a conscious effort until it becomes natural.

Teflon is another toxin in our kitchen which gives off toxic chemicals when heated at high temperatures.  Most of us cook food at high temperatures so it may be a good idea to get rid of the Teflon.  A simple substitute for Teflon is ceramic.  I often hear these a much more expensive and my response is ‘for good reason’.  They don’t pollute your bodies and you don’t have to worry they will endanger your health when you’re using them.  To me it’s a no brainer, I’ll pay more money for better quality for something that’s going to improve my health instead of the opposite every time.  Ceramic can also be found on sale or at certain outlet stores for close to the same price as Teflon.  To my there’s no comparison; that’s like saying oats costs more than fruit loops.  Comparing a bowl of sugar first thing in the morning to something healthy that will actually improve your healthy, get you started off the proper way in the morning should be a no brainer too.

Cast iron is another good example, this one is harder to clean but it’ll last forever.  You can also cook different kinds of food in different kinds of cookware to get a better outcome.  I use ceramic but I know plenty of people that use cast iron which there’s nothing wrong with.

I hope some of these tips give you an idea on how to detox your body in the kitchen.  These aren’t secrets and they’re not all that difficult.  My suggestion would be to make a small change and build on that.  Don’t throw everything away at once, slowly replace a toxic item one at a time until your entire kitchen is toxic free and your body will follow right along.

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