I had joined an exercise program many many years ago with Drew and Dorothy- a 5am workout outdoors. It was challenging, but I always felt invigorated after a workout, it really got the blood oxygenated and pumping. My daughters and I joined in, in various nutrition classes Dorothy and Drew taught throughout the years, and we enjoyed different recipes and even challenged myself to drink their green smoothie – which was refreshing, though pushing my comfort.

Many years passed by, and I didn’t participate in any exercise classes, or physical activity outside of my job, walking or swimming. With the stresses of the past 4 years as with many people, I was stress eating, and not getting proper nutrition, or exercise. I snacked throughout the day and ate a big supper in the evenings.

With the stressors came some big decisions that changed our lives, and one of the decisions for me was to get healthy. I had gained an uncomfortable amount of weight, that left me feeling frumpy, little energy, and thought little of myself.

After seeing the success of Lora, and Shelley, and definitely seeing how Dorothy dropped excess pregnancy weight so quickly, I decided I could do it too, with the support that Drew and Dorothy offered in their program – the Metabolism Accelerator Program.

Dorothy created delicious, easy to do, weekly customized meal plans, shopping lists, and support through coaching, and in the online Facebook group, where we can all be cheerleaders for one another!

The app has video instructions on how to do the exercises, plus if I wasn’t getting the desired stretch or didn’t understand an exercise, I could always ask Drew for modifications/progressions.

The app helped me to see progress through weekly photos, measurements, and weighing. If I couldn’t see progress in one measurement, another would show a difference. The food was a lot for me, but Drew educated me that I was backloading my meals later in the day, and eating them earlier throughout the day was the key.

The workouts were challenging at first, I was very weak, uncoordinated, and struggled to balance. Over time, I noticed successes that I celebrated like being able to stand up to put my pants, socks and shoes on. Gradually my clothes began to get looser and looser, where I had to start cinching my belt tighter.

As my coach, Drew encouraged me to let go of these clothes that no longer fit, and not plan to ever go back to fitting in them! Not only was the transformation in my physical appearance, but I began to lighten up inside myself, in my spirit, in my mind. The fog began lifting from my brain and I began experiencing more clarity. I had energy to do dishes after supper, whereas before I was exhausted by 3pm.

Friends said they noticed me smiling more. Wow, that is it! I feel happier! I feel lighter! And I am able to let go of things physically, and begin to let go in other areas to free me up to new things in the near future. I gotta say, the whole True Form experience is amazing- so positive. Behind the scenes- all the work put into building and improving the app, and facebook group.

The support from the group, Drew and Dorothy are amazing, but especially the encouragement and pushing me to do uncomfortable, progressively harder things from my coach Drew! The coaching extended to mindset, where my biggest struggles are, but Drew and Dorothy provided group zoom calls that were great in encouraging, challenging our thinking in different ways, and how to deal with the stressors.

I had dropped 38lbs total, and am now maintaining that pretty well. I continue to eat my meals, and meal prep – so important for the metabolism, and continue my exercises a minimum of 3x/week. I highly encourage anyone to make the investment in their health, in themselves, which will overflow to other areas of life, in your family life, and work life!

-Trudy Cartier

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