Hug a Stranger

This is one of my favourite days and stories to share as of recently. We were sitting outside enjoying a nice day. Drinks, laughs and food. Then we broke into a conversation of, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to buy that man a meal’. We wondering if he had dinner, if he even had lunch.

We’ve seen this man around before, he seems to be well known, friendly and happy.

I think it’s easy to talk about helping out, it’s the action that’s the hard part. Through the conversation we talked about bringing him something to eat, then the question came up, what would he like?

Someone suggested we ask him. Mid conversation Dorothy said, what if I bring him a menu. So that’s exactly what she did.

In the pictures below you’ll see her introducing herself, sitting down and talking with him, and helping him pick out something to eat.

So we ordered the dish for take out, brought it over to him, Dorothy gave him a giant hug and he even played a song for us on his trumpet.

He asked Dorothy if she had a song she’d like him to play and she said, ‘When the Saint Come Marching In’. He proudly stood up and played his trumpet in front of an entire audience of happy listeners.

And when he was done the whole place clapped and cheered for him.

That’s a great day.