I have a quick story to share with you. It was one summer, we went off to this vacation kind of place. We took ski-dos and we decided to do some cliff diving.

So we were having an absolute blast jumping off this cliff and then we swam to the edge, climb back up, jump back down. It was so much fun.

It was about half a dozen of us and I had this one friend that was quite scared to jump. So he sat there and he debated and he thought about it.

Everyone kind of got tired of waiting for him. It must have took him an hour sitting there thinking about it. Watching everyone else have a blast.

He actually tried to walk down. I was like, get back up there. You’re jumping!

Here’s the thing, if we delay a decision, the longer we delay, the less of a chance we’re going to take action. And if I wasn’t there to say, get back up there, he would have walked down, missed out on that opportunity to push his limits and actually feel what it was like, the adrenaline, the excitement.

So for you, you’d be much better off actually making that decision earlier on instead of delaying and missing out on so much.

Thinking, waiting, knowing you should, watching everyone else see results. You could possibly be watching your life pass you by as you sit on the side lines and don’t make a decision that will ultimately change your life for the better.

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