TTR #15: Losing 55 lbs in 8 months and helping start a running club

Michael Weisberg considers running to be more than a passion, but a way of live. He ran his first 5K race when he was seven and ran track & field through high school.

After a lengthy hiatus and significant weight gain, Michael started training for his first marathon, the 2012 Los Angeles Marathon. In addition to losing 55 pounds in 8 months, he rekindled his love of running. Since then he has run 9 marathons and over 20 half-marathons.

losing 55 lbs in 8 months
Michael Weisberg: Losing 55lbs in 8 months

In a desire to give back to the running community, Michael is a co-founder and President of the South Bay Runners Club. In just over 4 years, SBRC now has over 400 members of all abilities and all demographics. He is an RRCA Certified Coach, senior pace leader for the LA Roadrunners (the official training program for the Los Angeles Marathon), and is on the race committee for the Manhattan Beach 10K, where he will be taking over as race director in 2020.

Michael ran his first Boston Marathon in April 2017, after qualifying at Mountains 2 Beach in May 2016. He has completed the US leg of the Abbott World Majors and is hoping to add some international marathons to his schedule.

Also the CCO of the South Bay Runners Clubs (that’s Chief Culinary Officer), Michael often brings homemade baked goods. When not training with SBRC, he can usually be found spending time watching Marvel movies with his family or walking Suki, the Maltipoo. While he doesn’t post often, you can follow him on Instagram at @weisberg262.