Mastering MCT Oil: Freezing, Heating, and Harnessing Its Power

With the freezing cold temperatures, we’ve had some bottles sitting out for a few hours that froze waiting for pick up. The questions that came in were, are the properties damaged in the oil from freezing.

More directly, does freezing the oil reduce the benefits of it.

I’ve looked and looked and I haven’t found one study that suggests freezing the MCT oil will change or alter the benefits. So that’s good news. My caveat to that is, I wouldn’t suggest freezing it to preserve it (or to make it last longer) for whatever reason.

Don’t heat at High Temps!

On top of that, heating is the enemy of most oils. Take palm oil for example, it’s actually a good quality oil with similar properties to coconut oil (as an MCT oil) but it’s processed (heated) at such a high rate, it’s mostly sold as rancid which causes inflammation in your body which then causes chronic pain.

*You can still heat ours, however we suggest heating or cooking at low temps. Avoid high heat with most oils unless you have a conventional coconut oil (that is white and is hard at room temp (that’s a different product than what I’m talking about here)).

This goes along with most seed oils you find on the shelves at your grocery store being rancid causing health issues instead of nutritional benefits.

But WHY!?

Why you would consider taking our MCT oil is to improve cognitive function (very few other oils have this specific benefit) which is why we’ve called ours Brain Fuel.

Good fats help burn off bad fats, which is why you need fats in your diet to maintain a healthy body weight. And I mean, who doesn’t want to burn body fat. Even if you’re skinny, your ‘fat’ should be lean. For example you still see ‘skinny people’ with cellulite.

This is also great for joints, so if you have any early signs of arthritis or experiencing arthritis full on. I would high suggest including a MCT oil like our Brain Fuel.

WHERE to use it?

You can use our MCT oil in coffee or tea, on salad, on a stir fry after it’s cooked, on popcorn and more….

You can visit our website to grab yours today if you’d like to experience some of these benefits listed above!

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