More MAP Program Results

We’re excited to share more MAP program results with you. And I’ll add a little story with both because those that think you don’t have to work to see results will have a hard time reaching their goals.

Keisha is down 4lbs and Stephanie is down 7lbs in their first week in the MAP Program!!!

For Keisha the best part is, she made better decisions for herself, for her results and for her health. Her boys were wrapping up a lacrosse season and pizza was provided to everyone.

She decided to pass on temptation and made a better decision, which is the reason she was able to see results. Many people in a similar situation would say, I deserve a treat once in a while, or ‘it’s only one day’, etc.

If you want to see results you need to change that frame of mind.

And then for Stephanie, twice she made better choices. One was a staff meeting, they ordered take out and she passed. And the other was pizza night with family. They had pizza, she had what was on her meal plan.

No surprise that the healthier choices you make, the better results you’ll see.

These aren’t forever decisions. I’m certainly not saying you’ll never be able to enjoy a pizza night or take out again. However if you want to see results you’ll have to make better choices at least for the initial part of our program before we hit the maintenance stage.

If you’re not willing to make any sacrifices at all, it’ll be hard to see any results at all.

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