Noel D’arcy


By trade Noel D’arcy is an electrician, by night he’s a mad man that can’t possibly get enough running in. As an ultra runner Noel regularly runs 20k, he’s also able to stay in shape and injury free with a regular workout schedule.

Married to Brianne and father to a cat (Jean Luc), Noel’s laid back attitude and sense of humour makes him a joy to be around as he instantly lightens the mood of a room.

Noel is also a volunteer Fire Fighter for the Olds fire department in rural Alberta.

From competing in the Death Race to attempting World Records, Noel is an inspiration to not only those around him but his growing followers as well that are curious to what he’s up to next.

Some of Noel’s more notable running accomplishments include:

  • death race finisher
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc

Follow Noel online as well as he attempts a Guinness Book of World record for the fast time wearing a fire fighter suit!

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Running Coaching 

If you’re looking for help getting started, if you need to be pointed in the right direction or if you simply need a running parter, Noel can help! Noel chooses a select few clients to train during his busy schedule while he isn’t working or out running himself.

What you may need help with:

  • running equipment
  • preparing for a race
  • motivation / accountability
  • etc.
  • etc.

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