Partnering with Other Businesses

I’d like to talk about ‘partnering’ for a moment. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business or in life, partnering can be beneficial in many different ways. It could also be detrimental as well.

There’s so many avenues I could go with this, I’m not exactly sure where to start but I suppose a good place is how beneficial it is to partner. I think businesses should work together all time time in different ways.

Personally I want to see other local businesses in our community grow. If they do they make our community a better place. I’m not sure everyone has the same mind set but that’s where I’m coming from.

We’ve been able to grow by partnering in different ways, and we’ve been able to help other businesses grow the same way. It’s kind of a give take partnership where both sides contribute.

I have incredible relationships with some business owners I think because we both agree that, the partnership is beneficial, if both sides contribute and both enjoy the rewards. If a partnership no longer has benefits to both sides there’s a good chance it won’t last.

At this point I think in a professional manner both can carry on and do their own thing without any hard feelings. This is unfortunate when a third party intervenes but that’s for another post.

It seems like more and more businesses are interested in partnering with us, which is awesome! I love ideas, working with other businesses and turning ideas in reality.

For new businesses starting out, it’s worth mentioning there needs to be contribution in some way. It’s always more beneficial for the newer or smaller business to partner with a bigger one or one that has a larger outreach or one that has a bigger following or audience. But it doesn’t have to be…..

If that newer or smaller business understands they need to contribute in some way then there can be a lasting business relationship where both sides contribute and earn benefits. If there’s an agreement to partner and one side doesn’t do any work, there’s no way it will last. Only resentment will flourish.

It’s also worth mentioning, reputations are always put on the line when you partner, which is why you should do research and be very clear if someone is the right fit for you. It won’t take long for people to judge you on who you surround yourself with. If fact I’d pay close attention to who your potential partner has in their close circle before you agree they’re a good fit for you.

And I’m talking about everything here, even employees. We live a different world now where jobs aren’t safe. So if you think you’re an employee and don’t need to do anything extra, I’d say that’s a dangerous place to live.

Compare yourself to someone who cares, someone who loves being there and is grateful for the opportunity. That person is much more valuable than the one that thinks all they need to do is show up to collect a pay cheque.

If you do decide to partner, understand it’s important to put in continual effort to make the relationship last. Go the extra mile, do a bit more, find ways to contribute even if you don’t have an audience.

Can you offer ideas, be enthusiastic, you can find a different avenue or way to contribute. Can you show support yourself on their pages or business, can you refer your newer partner business?

These are ways to contribute to a lasting partnership and friendship, one that can last for a very long time. Try to push jealously to the side as you both grow, that’s no way to grow together.

Congratulate one another, live with one another in the community, that’s how you create lasting relationships, that’s how businesses can grow together and that’s how we can make a community a better place to live in.