How to detoxify yourself through processed foods is a topic I wanted to cover because prevention is something I often talk about.  Our society is so wrapped around the mind set of ‘treating’ that I think we lose out by not looking for ways to prevent.  

As a fitness instructor, nutrition advocate and health enthusiast I’m often confronted after someone’s been diagnosed with something.  Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, you name it; the first thing I think when someone says “I need some help, I’ve just been diagnosed with (fill in the blank”, ‘why didn’t you do something about your health before you were diagnosed?  Course that’s an easy answer and I hope I don’t sound insensitive, that’s not intention here.  I think we can all do something to prevent in some way before it’s too late.  I don’t mean now that you’ve been diagnosed it’s too late but I do mean we should all be responsible to make healthier life choices before something terrible happens.

processed foods

Processed foods no matter which way you look at them aren’t healthy for you, sure you can find healthier processed food options but that’s still not the answer we’re looking for.  Whole foods is the way of the future, whole foods is the answer to improve our health, to prevent, cure and treat.  And with so many of us looking to ‘treat’ after the fact we miss out on the things we can avoid before something happens or before we now have to do something about our health.

Most and I stress most, companies that produce packaged foods aren’t concerned about your health; they’re concerned about mass production and increasing sales and that’s it.  With the chemicals, toxins and everything else that many processed foods contain how could we believe anything different?  You’ll find MSG in packaged foods which has a number of different names, in my opinion for the main purpose of deception (regardless of what they say) which is a toxin and stops your brain from knowing you’re full, so you keep eating and eating and then buying more of their product (to name one of the side effects).  Then we have genetically modified organisms in most packaged foods with soy lithecin or corn (in some way) in just about every packaged food you’ll find (unless it specifically says GMO free).  And that’s not even counting how damaging free radicals are on our body given the fact that highly processed foods are hard for our body to recognize and utilize.  And lastly which could be a category of it’s own, we have refined sugar which is to put it simply, is a legal drug.

For all these reasons I just listed, the hope or belief that we need, should and can start preventing by avoiding toxins in the first place instead of treating the side effects, I suggest we choose better options and stay away from processed foods.

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