TTR #28: Release Lower Back Pain with Eldoa

Ben Hubers is a personal trainer specializing in spinal health. After a successful track & field career at Indiana University, he trained as a professional distance runner, specializing in the 3k and 5k distances. After posting personal bests in the spring of 2013, his training was disrupted by nagging pain that never seemed to get better.

He grew accustomed to chronic pain which limited his training and took a toll on his mindset. After expensive MRIs and two painful, ultimately ineffective cortisone injections, Ben started seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Brian Murer, DC.

Dr. Murer introduced Ben to a whole world of manual medicine and to the exercise principles of ELDOA. Created by renowned French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, DO, the ELDOA exercises slowly began healing the tension and chronic pain that Ben had developed over a decade of distance running. Ben was ultimately able to reduce his pain and train for the Olympic Trials in 2016.

Since then, Ben has moved to California to continue his training using the principles of Dr. Voyer’s work. He developed some of the first ELDOA classes in the LA area and, due to this, was targeted to start working at Evolution Physical Therapy. He was able to really expand his scope of practice and use the ELDOA postures to help multiple clients overcome back pain and injuries.

Ben currently works at Link Medical Center in Orange County as head Soma Trainer where he is able to use his skill set as an exercise specialist to compliment some of the best chiropractors in United States. He is currently one of less than 150 certified ELDOA trainers in the world.