TTR #17: A Running Pioneer, Author and Coach

Writer and Certified Coach, Level Two for both, USA Track and Field and USA Triathlon; and Level One, Certified Coach, Road Runners Club of America. David A. Levine, is co-author of the Complete Idiots Guide to Marathon Training, which came out worldwide in 2012.

Runner’s World Magazine has quoted him. He is a certified Coach, Level Two, with USA Track & Field and Level Two with USA Triathlon, both signatories of the US Olympic Committee.  Recently, he received his Level One Coaching Certification from Road Runners Club of America.

A three-time Ironman and twenty-seven time marathoner, Levine coached and organized the City Of Angels Half Marathon training group, now USA Marathon Training, for thirteen seasons, and ongoing. Most of the experienced runners in that group, and under his leadership, achieve a personal record (PR) with each major race. 

For over fourteen years, he has been coaching weekly track workouts as Coach for the LA Running Club.  With triathlon as a passion, Levine coached a Team-In-Training triathlon group, with similar positive results, and proudly helps his Sony Tri Team.  

For nine seasons, he was a Pace Leader with the 1,600 member LA Roadrunners. There he helped on the coaching advisory committee, for the last two years he was there, ending in 2011.  He is currently on the Board of the South Bay Running Club (SBRC), the LA Running Club (LARC), and USA Marathon Training (USA MT).

All three of which, he helped found, with others. Levine has also been a published features writer for numerous publications, including magazine cover articles and newspapers.

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