Shirley’s Greenhouse

For this edition of Supporting Local, this video interview is about Shirley’s Greenhouse. Now as you’ll soon find out Dawn Buschert isn’t Shirley from ‘Shirley’s Greenhouse, but you’ll quickly hear how she doesn’t correct those that call her Shirley.

Shirley is her mother who started Shirley’s Greenhouse before Dawn and her family took over. In this video interview Dawn will talk about the importance of supporting local, she’ll talk about the importance of ‘good bugs’ vs ‘bad bugs’ and how they grow fresh veggies without the use of any toxic chemicals we shouldn’t be consuming.

Dawn will also talk about the business end of having a local greenhouse, why it’s important for them to go straight to the consumer and how much supporting the local community means to her and her family.

One of my favourite parts of Dawn’s or rather Shirley’s Greenhouse is the honour system they use to sell their products. During hours where they aren’t exactly open or directly selling to consumers they have a table in the garage where they leave a bucket of money and product on the table with a price list.

All you have to do is take what you need, leave the money in a bucket and you’re on your way. One of my favourite quotes that Dawn said was, ‘put your trust in people and they’ll trust you back’.

Shirley's Greenhouse




Supporting Local

The truth is we really need to start supporting local if we’re not and consider support more if we are. These are real people that care about their product and the consumer who need our support to continue bringing quality foods to the market that nutritionize our bodies.

People always ask me, ‘how do you feel about organic, do you believe you should buy organic all the time?’ My response is always, ‘look to purchase local first, find those farmers and families that care about their food, those that are neighbours and want to bring quality to you’.

I understand local isn’t always possible with every product, but if we start within our own community first and work our way out, we’d have a much stronger economy, we’d build better relationships and we’d feel good about putting money back into our community and supporting those who make it a better place.

For more details on how you can support Shirley’s Greenhouse and stay up to date as to which market they’ll be at visit their Facebook page.

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Thank You

A special thanks to Dawn and her family for letting us come out and filming on site, and even slightly stopping production so we could turn the fans off to hear the video better. And thanks to Chris Braybrook for his talented videography and editing skills. This was a blast! For more Supporting Local videos click here.

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