SlimFast and Weight Loss Products

Ok so when it comes to me posting about other companies I’m not trying to discredit them. I’m only trying to show the difference between ours and theirs.

In their defence I don’t know if they claim to be a ‘health’ company. Certainly weight loss but these are two different things.

Let’s break down a few of the ingredients:

– natural and artificial flavour: in most cases toxic to your body. The artificial is certainly a chemical.

– sucralose is Splenda as explained in a past post which we would recommend avoiding.

– this is a whey product (and soy). I’d only recommend whey if it was grass fed (most likely needs to be from New Zealand).

– they’ve also used soy protein which we certainly wouldn’t recommend. It’s cheap, meaning low quality and it would be a GMO product.

And lastly I believe they have a program or recommendation where you have 2 shakes a day and one meal.

I don’t feel any program where you eat one meal a day (and add in a shake or two) regardless of how much weight loss they promise is considered healthy.