3 Essential Steps to Optimal Health

We’re all looking for optimal health in some way and if we aren’t now we will be in the future. So I decided to put together my 3 essential steps to optimal health in an easy to read manner so you know exactly what I believe and what I’ve experienced through the years of teaching sustainable, optimal health. Think about these 3 essential steps to optimal health as a puzzle or picture you're putting together. Without each piece the picture won’t be complete. Each and every step has it’s own sign...
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Stay Hydrated to Reduce Stress

stay hydrated to reduce stress
Let's talk about how to stay hydrated to reduce stress because if we want to get into optimal health flush out toxins and reduce the stress put on our body on a regular basis we need to stay hydrated. We've got a couple video clips in this post to help you better understand the importance of hydration. We took these clips from the D&D Morning show that we thought you'd enjoy. Clearly, Dorothy and I are enjoying ourselves and we hope you enjoy as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
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