stay hydrated to reduce stress

Let’s talk about how to stayĀ hydrated to reduce stress because if we want to get into optimal health flush out toxins and reduce the stress put on our body on a regular basis we need to stay hydrated.

We’ve got a couple video clips in this post to help you better understand the importance of hydration. We took these clips from the D&D Morning show that we thought you’d enjoy. Clearly, Dorothy and I are enjoying ourselves and we hope you enjoy as well.

In this short snippet of the D&D Morning Show Dorothy offers some quick tips on how you can increase your water intake. Try drinking from a straw, for some reason this can help you get more water in your body throughout the day. Infused water with fruit or herbs can help or you can make a fancy chart like Dorothy demonstrates in the video :).

And I also want to give you another fantastic resource to help you better understandĀ why you should Stay Hydrated to Reduce Stress. I had the pleasure of interviewingĀ Mark Ysseldyk who specializes in hydration on Nationally Syndicated Exploring Mind and Body.

In this show Mark busts myths like drinking gatorade to help with hydration and offers more valuable tips to help understand why it’s so important to stay hydrated.

For more details about the D&D Morning show, we put together a new show each week to get your day and week started off right. Click here.

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