Athlete Conversation

I recently had this conversation with an athlete a couple weeks ago. I said, when you do _____, your decision to act that way doesn’t just impact your own actions, it impacts how the team is perceived, which carries on to how your coach, and institution is looked at for allowing certain behaviour. This explanation didn’t exactly hit home. They came back with not only reasons why this happened or more so excuses but also, ‘my actions are my own, not of others, I should be able to do what I wa...
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How you want to be treated

how you want to be treated
I recently filled in to teach a seniors fitness class, I also train athletes on a regular basis. One could argue these are two extremes. For argument sake, let’s put the student athletes in the category as ‘kids’. So I walk into the class where a large number of seniors are waiting for their ‘substitute instructor’ to get started, the first thing I hear is, ‘Don’t treat us like we’re old, we can exercise too!’. I thought to myself FANTASTIC! I love that mind set. So you know what, I treated th...
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