Athlete Conversation

I recently had this conversation with an athlete a couple weeks ago. I said, when you do _____, your decision to act that way doesn’t just impact your own actions, it impacts how the team is perceived, which carries on to how your coach, and institution is looked at for allowing certain behaviour.

This explanation didn’t exactly hit home. They came back with not only reasons why this happened or more so excuses but also, ‘my actions are my own, not of others, I should be able to do what I want without others being impacted’. I said unfortunately that’s not how a team works.

If that’s the case compete however you choose on your own without a logo, a team name, school or institution connected with you.


Here’s the issue, we deal with this on a regular basis outside of school and outside of athletics.

If a receptionists is having a bad day and isn’t all the polite or even rude to a customer calling, it’s not just the receptionist that is impacted. They are representing an entire business, employees, other staff members, the manager and finally the owner.

If someone puts together some sort of product half way because they really don’t care about their job, once again, it’s not just that individual that is impacted it’s the entire business that puts out that product.

As a business owner we deal with this on a regular basis, trying to help employees or potential employees understand that every decision they make, even sometimes while not on the job affects their ability to do the job that represents a company, a brand and an imagine.

As teachers, managers, coaches or anyone else in a position to inform, I feel that it’s not only part of our job but obligation to help others understand how their decisions affect those they work, play or deal with on a regular basis.

front desk

It’s always surprising to me when someone is rude at a front desk, knowing or maybe not knowing or caring that, they will be the first and sometimes only interaction with a customer which determines how the entire business is perceived.

It’s not different with athletes and teams, no different from those that are in a manager positive and even owners as well who need to understand not only do their decisions make a large impact but so does every single person that works for them.