TTR #44: Accept No Limitations

Louise Landry is nothing short of inspirations as we talk about how she will accept no limitations. At age 56, a stroke survivor and more active than people half her age, Louise continues to push her limits and inspire those around her. Louise has been a part of Monthly Membership since is started over a year ago (at the time of this post/recording) and has been with us for whole food detoxes before hand. Along with workouts throughout the week, weekly yoga and NIA classes Louise stays a...
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TTR #20: Setting Goals for Success

Setting Goals for Success
In this show Dorothy interviews Drew Taddia, on how to find success. How he was able to start a radio show, create podcasts and be part of a running community. In this show they talk about setting goals, creating a plan and living inspired. Follow along to learn how you can set and achieve goals yourself!
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Brand New Transformations Through Running Podcast!

I have 4 Incredible interviews already recorded and produced ready to be released. We are SO CLOSE to releasing our new Podcast called Transformations Through Running! Which we're hoping to Launch next week. Thanks to these 4 for the courage the share their stories with us. EVERYONE has a unique and interesting story worth sharing with the running community to teach, learn, and inspire. But these stories aren't just for the running community. They are for anyone looking for a boost of moti...
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