The image of your business

I just got off the phone with a very nice lady, which isn’t always the case. I make more phone calls than I ever thought I would and once in awhile I get someone very rude, impatient and impolite. As business grows so does jobs for Canadians (one of my favourite things to offer), I can honestly say without an ounce of reservation, I’ll NEVER hire someone that doesn’t have enough common courtesy to be polite. Many times it’s their job to answer the phone and they act like it’s an inconvenience that you’re calling.

I read a lot about successful businesses and marketing and what works and what doesn’t. The image of your business is easily one of the most important things you can have. Big companies spend millions on advertising. So why would they spend this much money and then have someone so unfriendly answer their phone, no one wants to call? I have no idea either. Small businesses need to stand out, and if you’re a great business like Virgin for example, they stand out too.

The fact of the matter is, many companies don’t care who answers the phone or how. They have too many people to manage, too much to worry about. Which makes so little sense to me. If you spend that much time trying to get someone’s attention why wouldn’t you spend that much treating them like you did?

When someone answers the phone like they have no time for you I question the whole company all the way to the top, after all who would hire someone that deters customers from calling? What is management like, what is the owner like?

It’s something to think about for owners, managers, those that answer the phone and us as customers. I know it’s important to me where I spend my hard earned money, is it to you?

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The image of your business